How To Become a Coach

To learn to play soccer, you play the game. The more you play, along with some instruction, the better you get. It”s the same with coaching.

Coach everywhere

In everyday conversations, listen deeply and ask questions whenever you can, not just during coaching appointments.

Learn to coach well

Take a coaching training course where you can relearn the things you might “know” but don”t practice, and learn advanced skills you”ve only seen others use.


There”s a reason that coaching associations require hundreds of client coaching hours for certification. It”s in accumulating those hours that you will learn how to coach well, in many different situations. Experience matters.

True experts never stop learning

Several years ago, my friend and coaching guru Steve Ogne joined the Core Coaching Skills program as a participant. I felt like John the Baptist must have felt when Jesus asked to be baptized by him! Before Steve flew home handed me 3 typed pages of notes. I thought it was suggestions to improve the course. There were a few, but much of it was Steve”s learning and application to improve himself as a coach.

You don’t need to be certified to coach

The process of becoming certified may push you to higher standards, as it did me, but a credential isn”t necessary to coach. It is your helpfulness as a coach that brings people to you, not your credential. The better coach that you are, the more people will recognize that and want to coach with you. To become a coach just start coaching, get some training to move beyond your natural abilities, practice, keep learning, and use the goal of a certification to push you to greater expertise. In the end, coaching is about helping people in ways that empower them. Do that and you”ll be a great coach.

How About You?

  • What coaching skills could you used in that last conversation?
  • What coaching skills do you want to use in the next conversation?
  • What are your next steps in learning to coach well?

by Keith Webb (