Getting Started

You may be thinking, “I’d like to become a coach.”  You’ve read about coaching and think this is something you’d like to learn to do.  Possibly you’ve already been coached and found it very helpful in your life, so you’d like to help others in the same way.  So how can you get started in becoming a coach?  May we suggest doing these things?—

  1. Read all you can about coaching.
  2. Find a coach and experience for yourself the benefits of being coached.
  3. Attend a coaching training seminar. (See list of upcoming training events.)
  4. Cultivate the qualities that make for a good coach:
  • A huge love for and desire to help people
  • Excellent listening skills (both for the spoken and unspoken)
  • A willingness to consistently stand in truth
  • The gift of recognizing and articulating clients’ strengths
  • Well-developed intuition
  • A positive approach to life
  • Empathy

5. Develop the behaviors that make for a great coach: Ask great questions

  • Listen
  • Remember
  • Be straightforward
  • Control your conversations
  • Trust your instincts
  • Stay centered
  • Earn trust from others