We spoke in the last blog about the role life coaching plays in helping us find and focus on our ultimate purpose. So what practical difference does it make to work with a life coach? Here are seven practical benefits life coaching clients receive:
Understand your life purpose: Produces a sense of meaning and significance, provides foundation for making great life decisions, and offers direction for how to live a purposeful life.

Align with core values: Increases life satisfaction, reduces stress and frustration as you do what’s important instead of what’s expected or what life thrusts upon you.

Eliminate tolerations: Frees energy to pursue important goals in life, while increasing your joy on the journey.

Identify and overcome internal obstacles: Gets you unstuck and moving forward, and provides the freedom you’ve always wanted from nagging fears and self-doubt.

Create life purpose action plans: Creates real movement toward your life purpose, with the sense that your life is going somewhere.

Clarity on God’s call: Greater obedience to your lord, intimacy in your relationship with him, and impact for the Kingdom of God.

God’s guiding hand in your life revealed: Produces wonder, love and worship for your Creator.

by Tony Stoltzfus (www.coach22.com)